Shipping during the Pandemic COVID-19

Shipping Times | Covid-19


We will return to 3-5 Day shipping soon

As you all are aware that Corona Virus has brought the world to a stand-still! Thus there is an unfortunate delay in shipping times and tracking information to be displayed. Average shipping times right now are 15-20 days. The transportation from our supplier to you has been restricted. We are just trying to keep everyone safe. 

 Track your order using this link -

Understand Where Your Order Is

As soon as a order is shipped, an email is sent to your email and you can access your tracking information via this link here. Here's what you might see even after a week after the order was shipped.

This does not mean that there is no movement on your package. It simply means that your order is being shipped and is on it's way to the destination country. There are no additional opportunities for updates throughout the order's journey. The tracking information will update again once the package lands at a port in the country it is being shipped to.


Hope you understand and are able to cooperate with us during these difficult times as we all are in this together. Thank You.