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Pain relief, anytime, anywhere

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What is Equa Mat?

Equa is your acupressure mat and therapist at home. Based on ancient massage techniques practiced for centuries, the Equa mat is made up of thousands of small tips designed to massage your body when you lie on it. Feel that the pain and tension all melt for less than the price of a single massage.

How does it work?

What are the benefits?

Improving Peoples Life

I have had pain for 5 years with horrible stiffness in the neck, shoulders and upper back. Each muscle feels permanently contracted and doesn't know how to relax. This mat has helped significantly.

Brenda Lewis

I have had fibromyalgia for 7 years and over the years I have spent hundreds of dollars on various remedies for pain. Many things didn't help. Except for the hot showers and the Equa acupressure mat.

Jessica Miller

As an agupuncturist, I find that Equa Mat is extremely useful for many of my patients and is an excellent tool for athletes to simulate blood circulation and muscle recovery.

Anitha Ullrich